Benjamin Spademan and Justin Croft present the original "Dunglass Album" :
the art of a nineteenth-century 'Proto Surrealist' caricaturist and his circle.

A spectacular family album of caricatures and other drawings, mostly by the young Cospatrick Alexander Home, Lord Dunglass (1799-1881), with others by a talented circle of family and friends, including a series of rare and bizarre lithographs by Lord Mark Kerr.

180 x 180 mm, pp. 6 foldout.


From Constable to Koons
Books Inscribed by Artists

Benjamin Spademan has been putting together this group of books for several years, starting when he acquired a monograph on Henry Moore, with an original drawing and presentation by the artist. A whole collection began to form, including artists of all kinds - painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators or cartoonists, from Alechinsky to Zadkine - allowing all kinds of work, from highly finished drawings, collages and watercolors to minimal interventions. 
The corpus covers a wide range of types, from livres d'artistes to standard monographs, periodicals or exhibition catalogues.

180 x 250 mm, pp. 221, 107 items, September 2017.

The Written Image
by Robert Perkins

For the first time, Robert Perkins presents 45 years of collaboration with poets, including Nobel Prize Laureates Octavio Paz and Seamus Heaney, and also Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell, Allen Ginsberg, John Ashbury, Basil Bunting, W.S. Merwin, James Merrill, Louise Glück, Jean Valentine, Jon Galassi...
A catalogue presents the whole collection, with introductions by art critic Ilka Scobie and Ewan Clayton, author of The Golden Thread, A History of Writing.

280 x 230 mm, pp. 132, ISBN 978-1-5272-0764-6, April 2017.

Masterpieces of Manuscript Deception

A previously unknown collection of forgeries of medieval and renaissance miniatures, including audacious portraits of Christopher Columbus and Joan of Arc, by an anonymous artist or workshop from the era of the infamous ‘Spanish Forger’, accompanied by a manuscript document which adds significantly to our knowledge of this shadowy episode in art history.

180 x 250 mm, pp. 34, November 2015.